10 security rules for the summer luge activity

  1. It's imperative to leave a 20-metre gap between your luge and the luge in front of you so as to avoid all collisions or surprises due to lack of visibility. Colour markers along the path serve to remind of the 20-metre security gap.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to stop, turn around, or to walk inside the luge. This is to prevent collisions or falls.
  3. The structure of the sleds is conceived to allow one adult with one child under 1 metre 25 cm to use the luge safely. Apart from in this case, no two adults are allowed to use the sled together.
  4. Children under the age of 3 and pregnant women are NOT ALLOWED to use neither the chair lift nor the luge.
  5. Children under the age of 7 and under 1 metre 25 cm tall must be accompanied on the luge by either an adult or by an adolescent over the age of 16 who has authorisation from the parents.
  6. Unclothed arms and legs are ill-advised. Keep hands and legs inside the luge at all times during the descent. At the end of the ride, move rapidly away from the path.
  7. Under 16s must wear helmets, and the use of a helmet is recommended for all ages. Helmets and mobcaps (for hygienic purposes) are graciously provided at the start of the chair lift.
  8. Use of the luge must cease immediately in case of rain for safety reasons.
  9. Respect the signs and the slow-down warnings along the path. You must always remain in control of your speed, as excessive and out-of-control speed is often a factor in accidents.
  10. At any point on the course you can slow your speed by pulling the brake-stick towards you.


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Dogs are allowed if on leads
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See security rules.


What activities to you offer?

  • As a family leisure park, we offer a wide array of attractions and games for both children and adults.

Are there activities for adults?

  • Yes. There are about 10 activities conceived for adults and families: the summer luge, adventure park, toboggans, splash boats, mechanical swings, zip lines...

Is the leisure park open in the rain?

  • Yes, the park remains open during periods of rain, even if certain activities may need to be shut down temporarily for safety reasons.

Which different tariffs are on offer?

  • We offer unlimited day passes and outside of July and August we offer half-day passes.
  • We also propose a "Luge when you like!" card for single or multiple trips down the luge.
  • The unlimited year pass is an individual photo card for unlimited access to the summer luge and the other attractions whenever the park is open.

Are dogs allowed?

  • Yes, dogs are welcome in the park provided they remain on a lead. They are not allowed on the rides.

How can I organize a birthday party at the park?

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